You can’t beat a good flight simulator. I remember spending hours on the old Flight Simulator 98. Dovetail Games are bringing us a new one in Flight Sim World, and it hits Steam Early Access this month.

This new flight sim will provide players with an unprecedented level of realism and detail. Its officially licensed GA aircraft will be the most authentic and detailed in-sim representations on the market, faithfully replicating their real world counterparts, with every gauge and switch fully operational.

It also boasts a comprehensive flight planner, letting you decide if you just want a peaceful flight or test yourself in tricky situations in the sky. It also comes packed with the Pro Mission Editor, which is a professional tool which allows players to create more complex missions. Executive Producer Stephen Hood stated:

The time has come for a new flight simulator which really focuses on the physical quality of the aircraft and a flight model which brings them to life. After doing some intensive work on the game engine – such as providing a much-needed 64 bit element – we now have a flight simulation platform which will allow us and our partners to focus on creating new and exciting ways for simmers to benefit from these advances. New features and expansions to Flight Sim World will be rolled out as part of the Early Access program and beyond, reinforcing our absolute commitment to the hobby.

Be sure to let us know if you will be flying out this month with Flight Sim World in the comment section below.