Love yourself a good real-time strategy game? Perhaps you just love the ability to create your own custom bases in a game. Well, Forts may be the game you’re looking for this April.

Coming to Steam on April 19th, Forts will let you select one of 9 commanders for you to align yourself with. These will offer distinct and unique abilities from the rest, so it is up to you to choose wisely.

You can build any sort of Fort you want, selecting from a vast pool of materials including armor, weapons and defensive units while advancing tech trees. Structures can collapse from an enemy assault or if the base’s design ignores the laws of physics.

Play with up to 7 others online as you try and destroy each other’s fort or work together in co-op multiplayer. If you prefer playing a lone, an expansive 28-mission long adventure will also be there waiting for you. Tim Auld, founder of EarthWork Games had the following to say regarding Forts:

Forts combines thrilling action with strategic thinking that requires balance between offense and defense with resource collection to fund expansions or all out assaults. It’s an exhilarating juggle that encourages creative experimentation.

Why not check out the most recent teaser trailer and let us know if you’ll be building yourself a Fort this April in the comment section below.