Save the galaxy, one patient at a time in hospital management simulator Galacticare!

Today, independent developer Brightrock Games, and brand-new label CULT Games, have unveiled Galacticare – a sci-fi hospital management game with complex mechanics and a rich narrative, due for release on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and GOG in 2023.

Begin your journey into space as the Director of Galacticare: a pioneering, interstellar hospital franchise which, in a first for the 23rd century, cures more than it kills! In a colourful sci-fi world rife with death and disease, design and manage perfectly functioning hospitals orbiting volcanic planets, deep-space graveyards, and psychic alien deities!

With an offbeat narrative that twists together a ragtag group of eccentrics, Galacticare will take you on a journey beyond managing a hospital. From your assistants – a dejected AI bureaucrat and Medi, a tireless janitorial robot – to the variety of consultants you’ll hire and bring along on your journey, the characters will grow beside you as you progress deeper through the story.

Build Hospitals Unlike Any Other – Build the best place of healing you can amidst the stars by constructing treatment rooms, placing equipment, hiring staff, and customising your hospital to your heart’s content.

Eradicate Disease… In Style – Upgrade and improve treatment technologies such as Projectile Medicine, the Xen Garden, and Dream Therapy and keep up with the ever increasing demands of interstellar health care! 

Get Good –  Use every tool and tactic at your disposal to improve your Hospital Rating – the only metric that truly matters.

Face Disaster – Make the best out of scenarios like “run a hospital in a space prison”, “why is everyone missing their skin” and “treat a terrible oil spill before there are… consequences’.” Do everything you can to help Galacticare flourish in a deranged universe!

Cultural Outreach – From the Dyonai, created by a god who won’t answer their calls, to the multi-minded and psychic Vizarj, you’ll meet and treat seven distinct species, all with their own unique attributes.

Immerse Yourself in a Rich Narrative – Galacticare’s narrative will unfold naturally as you play, and you’ll get to know its characters as they work alongside you in bringing Galacticare’s vision to life.

Control Everything – Optimise patient health, take charge of hiring and firing, and intricately design your hospital in a way that satisfies your particular needs. Invest your profits wisely between research, expansion, and preparation for any unforeseen disasters.

Wishlist Galacticare on Steam now! Find out more about Galacticare on Twitter or its website.