It’s that time of year again boys..”

With EA kicking things off today at 17:15 pm BST, we’re almost upon E3 2019, and with it, nerds worldwide will be flocking in the millions to tune in and see the pre-conference streams from all their favourite publishers and developers. While Sony won’t be showing their face this time around, the focus will be on Microsoft vs. Nintendo to steal the show this year; with Microsoft going all out with 14 first-party titles (that’ll teach Sony!) and this being the first E3 for Nintendo without its showman:
Reggie Fils-Aimé at the helm. While we patiently wait here at the Game Hype towers for the madness to begin, we thought that we would take the time to share our collective predictions for this year’s show (buyer beware).

Kyle Doherty (@Antigenetic92)

Prediction: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Remake)

I’ve had a well-documented love/hate relationship with the Resident Evil series for many years now, being an advocate of the fixed camera angles and survival-horror stylings of yesteryear, and being far-less fond of the action-oriented style of Resident Evil 4 that plagued the series for the years that followed. However, following the excellent Resident Evil 7 was the stellar re-make of Resident Evil 2, solidifying a return to form for the franchise as the OG king of survival horror. Following the critical and commercial success of the RE2 remake, all eyes have been on Capcom to double-down and remake the final entry of the original trilogy: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. There have been plenty of rumours and here-say, as well as leaks from a very reputable source (Dusk Golem a.k.a. AestheticGamer) who detailed in a series of tweets that the game was being developed outside of Capcom, wouldn’t be what players were expecting and that it would be coming a lot sooner than anticipated, leading to a mixed response online from die-hard fans of the franchise. Possibly coming as early as next year (OG RE2 and RE3 were only a year apart) I reckon it’s a safe bet that we’ll see or hear something about ol’ Nemesis at this year’s show, and the horror fanboy in me cannot f*cking wait (especially to see the Mercenaries come back with a fresh coat of paint).

“All the foxy ladies love my accent, it drive’s em’ crazy…”

Jo Hughes (@x_jamjar_x)

High Hopes: Elden Ring

Elden Ring confirmed for E3 2019

The rumours around E3 this year have – of course – sparked my interest, but only hours ago it was confirmed that the rumours surrounding a collaboration between the makers of Dark Souls and Game of Thrones writer: George R. R. Martin were in fact true. Sad news for Bandai Namco’s security department that this info was leaked, but it has certainly given me the buzz that I was ultimately missing for this year’s E3. Elden Ring promises to be a ‘Danger and Discovery’ filled Fantasy RPG, and given George R. R. Martin’s reputation, I dare say it will not disappoint with its twists and turns. I cannot wait to see what lies in store and really hope to get some further teases of the possibilities regarding this game. 

Prediction: The Last Of Us: Part II

A further point to hope for is that we may finally have a confirmed release date for the much anticipated Last of Us: Part II. It has been 5 years in the making and 3 years after its official announcement – at this point, it’ll be more than disappointing to find that there is still no hope for a release date. Then again, it still isn’t quite the fiasco that was Kingdom Hearts III which was in the works for 13 years and announced 5 years prior to its release. Nonetheless, even if there is not an official release date at this year’s show, there should still be some exciting new teasers and who knows, maybe even a new trailer to keep the hype going.

Aaron Moger (@aaronvaanmoger)

Prediction: Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date

I may seem like I’m jumping the gun here especially since it has been a few good years since the remake was even announced and being the monumental task that it is to build the game from the ground up again, I am still hopeful for a release date to one of the greatest games ever made. I know there are only a few announcements and gameplay videos to back it up, and Squares track record of altering confirmed release dates are pretty high but even a placeholder would be welcomed by myself and many other fans. Regardless Square Enix have confirmed more information to come regarding the remake so we will see, I just know that it will be worth it whatever it will be and with other big games in the works I hope to see some more information on The Last of Us: Part II and Grandia remaster. Whatever happens, this year’s E3 is looking huge.

Aerith in the latest trailer donning her trademark red biker jacket.

Adam Neaves (@adamneaves)

Most Anticipated: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered Official Reveal

My most anticipated game to come out of E3 2019 would have been The Last of Us: Part II just a couple of hours ago and in many ways, it still is. However, a ‘leak’ has suggested that Bandai Namco will reveal the remaster of one of my favourite games of all time, and the fact that I’ll be able to revisit it once again on my PlayStation 4 has me hugely excited. Ni No Kuni 2 was a great JRPG in its own right, but if you are looking for a complete experience in a JRPG, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is definitely a game that should be on your PlayStation 4 once it launches later this year.

One of my favourite J-RPG’s of all time.

Ryan Perrow (@NBFlying)

Most anticipated: Halo Infinite.
I know, you’re surprised, of course my most anticipated game would be Halo Infinite, the continuation of my most beloved FPS franchise. So much is riding on this instalment, this could be the last chance for 343 and Halo. I’m excited but also nervous that modern trends such as ‘games as a service’ will ruin what should be Halo’s redemption. I want a contained single-player narrative campaign bundled with the core Multiplayer that made Halo the king of online console gaming not so long ago. Oh and NO RETCONS! Do you hear that 343? You made your bed, now dig your way out of it!

Prediction: Halo Next-Gen.
Despite my hopes and my hype, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Halo Infinite this generation. It makes more sense to launch the next MS console with Halo and I think based on the buzz among the Halo community it would be a great way to shift units on launch day with Halo Infinite hitting Game Pass the day the machine is released. Speaking of the Next Gen, I also think we’ll learn the project name for the next console from MS and get a spec reveal, as well as the announcement of a limited edition Halo console (Yes, I’ll buy it, I’m weak like that).

Classic art style, they know what the fanboys like!

Caleb Moran (@Rad_Shiba_)

Most Anticipated: Elden Ring

Every few years E3 has one of those ‘filler’ years, a year where expectations are slightly lower as we’re nearing the end of the consoles life, but we’re also not close enough for anyone to make any bold steps with new hardware or a highly anticipated sequel. With the exclusion of Sony for the first time since E3 began, I feel it’s a bit of a downer on the entire event, still worth watching, but we’re missing a huge chunk of what we’re used to. A few games I have interest in, such as Doom Eternal, Starfield and we might even get some info on Metroid Prime 4. I’d love some more Cyberpunk 2077, but I don’t think there’s going to be anything special announced other than some screenshots and information. But there’s not one game I was extremely hyped for – that was until this morning when my friend asked me about the rumoured George R.R. Martin / From Software title. Now I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones, but I am a fan of FromSoftware, completing every “SoulsBorne” game (please give us a Demon Souls remaster), and after seeing the leaked screenshot, I’m interested. It’s not a Game of Thrones title, but will no doubt have great writing combined with FromSofts amazing track record “The Elden Ring” be something special.

Adam O’Connell (mynameisfrog_gh)

Most anticipated: Batman Arkham Sequel

I bloody love the Arkham series. With Arkham Asylum setting an enormous precedent on how superhero games can be handled when the central character is represented and encapsulated perfectly. Arkham City took the ball and ran with it, broadening the landscape tenfold and is one of the few games I class as ‘pretty much perfect’ and though many including myself felt the Batmobile segments to be clunky and awkward, Arkham Knight showed an uncharacteristically vulnerable and desperate side to the caped crusader, and paid homage to one of my favourite comic arcs, all while showcasing a veritable who’s who of the Batman ethos. Even Arkham Origins, the dark sheep of the franchise was still pretty decent in my opinion. Which is why when the rumour mill started to rumble of a new Arkham title, with whispers of a title of ‘Arkham Crisis’ I was in high hopes for a big E3 reveal. But with WB Montreal supposedly being absent from the event, this seems like a longshot doesn’t it? But me being the king of wishful thinking there is a glimmer of hope. With Arkham Knight wrapping everything up in a nice, pretty, pink bow with the ‘Knightfall’ ending and supposedly showing ‘How the Batman died’, there are some plausible scenarios. Either with the likes of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake or Azrael taking up the mantle, or even all four in a unique spin on the ‘Battle for the Cowl’ story arc, or maybe even Bruce Wayne himself rising from the ashes and returning to the shadows, yet again becoming the myth, heroes and villains new and old can even join the fray. And with the rumours circulating that the main villain role is being filled with the best in recent memory, The Court of Owls, ‘Arkham Crisis’ has every right to be a game changer at this year’s event and send LA and the internet into a frenzy.

That just about wraps it up folks. Looking forward to E3 2019? Feel like we missed something important that deserves recognition? Let us know in the comments below.