So, the nation is still within a semi-lockdown and we’re right in the middle of our own individual quarantine as COVID-19 continues ravages the globe, but we gamers are built for situations like this. Stay inside for hours on end and avoiding physical contact with people? Oh, so, act normally? Before we continue to propagate our rather outdated stereotypes further, I’ll explain what we’re are doing here. We here at the Game Hype towers are knee deep in self isolation at the minute, and as we love our games, we all thought you (yes you) dear reader, might want to know what we are playing as part of our civic duty to defeat this virus (and avoid developing cabin fever).

Ryan Perrow (@NBFlying)

What I’m playing: Call of Duty Warzone and Final Fantasy Type – 0 HD

It’s a mixed bag keeping me from going completely stir crazy, the fast frantic action of COD: Warzone balanced by the steady level griding with the characters of Class 0. Battle Royale games may not be as hot as they were this time last year but I must admit that I think Warzone is the best of them, and trust me, giving the bloated Call of Duty any credit since it the 360 days stings. I’m happy to report that my buddies and I managed to win a round, even if one of us was dead when it happened. The bounty contracts in the middle of the battle royale add a huge amount of drama to the already tense battle royale genre. As for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, it’s a Final Fantasy game, the story is great and has a much more mature slant than most games in the franchise, just take a look at the opening FMV. Originally released on PSP and released as an HD remaster a few years ago Type-0 tends to be overlooked but if you want a decent length experience and enjoyed Final Fantasy XV both games having been directed by Hajime Tabata.

Final Fantasy Type – 0 HD

Kyle Doherty (@Antigenetic92)

What I’m playing: GWENT (Android) and Fallout: New Vegas (PC)

So after binge watching Twin Peaks for the third time in the last 6 months (that opening music is the most calming melody on the planet, fight me) I was stuck for something to pass the time durng the nationwide quarantine that is currently afoot, and ended up landing on CD Projekt Red’s lastest release for Android: GWENT. Behaving nothing like the original card game from within their stellar 2015 RPG: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GWENT is silimar in playstyle to the likes of The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Hearthstone, in that it’s foremost a tactical card game, with a strong emphasis on strategy and deck building. While the former is reserved primarily for those who really sink themselves into the game full time, it acts as a decent distration to pass the time of the current commute from the office (currently my bedroom) to my toilet, which i’ll sit on for close to an hour (sometimes two) trying to perfect my Northern Realms deck (because the Nilfgaard deck is for absolute scrublords). Most of my time spent since Bojo’s lockdown however has been spent on a fresh playthrough of the criminally underrated Fallout: New Vegas from Obsidian. While Bethesda have gone from being a top-tier studio to one that people wince upon hearing their name in recent years, it’s always made me smile how Obsidian Entertainment (made up somewhat of former staff from the now defunct Black Isle Studios) were able to take what Bethesda did with Fallout 3 (which is still an amazing game) and create a Fallout title that was more akin to the first two in terms of thematic maturity and lore, and is downright better than Fallout 3, 4 and 76 in a myriad of different ways. With Obsidian’s success with The Outer Worlds recently, I think Bethesda needs to quit while they’re ahead and let the OG boys have another crack at making another Fallout game, because lets be real (intellectual property ownership aside) the guys and gals over at Obsidian do it better.

Game Hype - Quarantine
“Ah Paciencia, my sweet Paciencia...”

Aaron Moger (@aaronvaanmoger)

What I’m Playing: World of Warcraft and Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

There’s no better way to spend time in quarantine than taking advantage of experience boosts. That’s exactly what Blizzard has done with World of Warcraft, giving everyone a 100% boost to EXP and giving me time to level some other classes which I’ve always wanted to play. On top of this, the gold earned on top of this is enough to keep my subscription going for a bit and I may even be able to get Shadowlands. I am very much enjoying my time back in WoW after a hiatus. When I’m not at my PC, my game of choice currently is Atelier Sophie Alchemist of the Mysterious Book on the PS Vita. This game is perfect for isolation, the game features quality JRPG battles blended with an addictive Item Synthesis system that is easy to get lost in. On top of this, it is one of the few Atelier games that doesn’t require you to meet deadlines. The best part is I’m playing it on Vita so if I get bored with the Living Room I can go and play it in the Kitchen no problem.

Game Hype - Quarantine
Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

Adam O’Connell (@mynameisfrog_gh)

What I’m Playing: Devil May Cry 5 and Yakuza Kiwami

Stuck in Isolation? Love smacking demons around? How about getting revenge on your former Oath Brother? Well, if you’re like me then I have the perfect pair of games for you to keep your mind off this trying time. Firstly, Devil May Cry 5. A franchise I haven’t given the time of day since 2008′ Devil May Cry 4 and refamiliarising myself with this legendary hack and slash/run series as well as diving back into the rich lore that is both intricate yet uncomplicated, and in my humble opinion the series has reached its apex with its savage 5th entry. In recent years, Capcom has made a habit of creating some beautifully rendered worlds complete with some absolutely magnificent looking character models (this is evident with the revival of the Resident Evil franchise) and none have looked better in the DMC series than DMC5. With amazing detail to its concrete jungle and visceral artistry along with lightning-fast combat from three playable characters all unique in their own way, each slash and bullet fired feels like your enemies are being hit by a freight train. That, alongside the fantastic plot that joins the rest of the timeline seamlessly, with the return of familiar characters and new faces alike. Also if you find yourself somehow NOT satisfied and with space to spare of your hardware, give Yakuza Kiwami your attention, a full remake of the franchise’s first game released in 2005 on the PS2. Rebuilt to match the overall awesome look of more recent entries and changes the gameplay style to match the fantastic gameplay style of 2015’s prequel Yakuza 0. The original Yakuza has been reworked profoundly making walking the streets of Kamuroucho as entertaining as the hard-hitting fights, substories, karaoke, and the antics of the Mad Dog Mjima! All with a gripping story. For newcomers, this along with Yakuza 0 is a great place to get acquainted with the trials and tribulations of Kazuma Kiryu.

Bettsy (@JohnBGameHype)

What I’m playing: Sonic Mania, Gears 5, NieR, WWE 2K20.

First off, I hope all of you are safe and healthy. These are trying times for us all but by working together, Covid 19 will be beaten. Much like how Covid 19 has united communities, gaming also provides this incredible escape from the harsh reality of the pandemic, whilst uniting players all over the world with the passion and joy that gaming evokes from us all. Which is why blasting locust into two halves, to f5’ing noobs on WWE2k20, or chasing after emeralds and reliving memories of yesteryear on Sonic Mania, have been immensly fun. Three very different games all boasting unique qualities. With Gears 5 you have the superb story of Kait and James Fenix, a tale of two cogs living in the shadow of their parents, whilst fighting their own personal demons and looking for answers. With beautiful visuals, high production values and some kick ass gun fights. Gears 5 is one hell of a joy ride. Sonic Mania is one massive trip down the lane of nostalgia and delivers the best 2D sonic game to date. With fantastic attention to detail, compelling boss fights, creative, original and fun stages to enjoy, plus a killer soundtrack. Not only is Sonic Mania raising the bar for future outings in the world of Dr Eggman and the choas emeralds, in my opinion the public have spoken and quite clearly the popularity of the game offers an obvious indication towards what direction SEGA should take the little blue creature and his friends. (We all know they’ll likely continue down the bug ridden 3d outings sadly, THEY SUCK). I can’t comment too much On NieR as i’m like 1 hour into the game, but the initial signs are promising that it’s a title i’ll enjoy. As for WWE 2k20 despite it’s poor reviews across the board (I scored it poorly), a few patches later and we at last have a game in a playable state. Yes the graphics and production values leave much to be desired. Yet strangly enough, there’s something immensely satisfying about taunting your opponent (DELETE, DELETE, DELETE) before hitting the twist of fate off the top rope, and then adding further insult to injury by prancing around the ring with a ridiculous dance or sexual taunt before pinning your defeated opponent. So there you have my two cents. Also, I just want to thank all our readers for your continued support, I hope you stay well and enjoy the collab article.

Kyle Byrne (@StealthFrag)

What I’m playing: XCOM: Chimera Squad, Hyperlight Drifter, Pokemon Sword.

The Covid-19 pandemic has very much put the world on hold currently. With the need to stay inside and work from home with only shore excursions to the shops for supplies like one of Metro’s Stalkers coming out of the Metro to the not so dead outside world running from bathroom to bathroom to wash your hands as if they were one of Left4Deads many safehouses. Yes the “end times” are certainly far duller than anticipated plenty of time too look your bedroom walls and scroll through Netflix to find something you haven’t watched ..already. While we all do are part and stay indoors I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Fortunately for us to stave of boredom (and Insanity) we have video games to keep us occupied with more time in the house and if you have tried to get hold of a Nintendo Switch recently you will know many other people of have had the same idea! Well of course why not? We all know as gamers how much a game can suck you in. “One more turn” in Civ can quite easily lead to it being 4am running on nothing more than your energy drink and the desire to Nuke Gandhi before he nukes you.

Talking of one more turn and the folks at Firaxis recently they released XCOM Chimera squad a smaller scale and scope XCOM game you take control of Chimera Squad a specialist police strike force made to promote unity and to deal with the more extreme elements post defeating advent, Alien and human haters like. Chimera are named appropriately as it is consists and is comprised of both humans, Aliens and former advent elements post defeating advent, Alien and human haters like. Chimera are named appropriately as it is consists and is comprised of both humans, Aliens and former advent being set after XCOM 2. Chimera Squad compared to the former title in the series are all named characters this time around with their own skill trees, personalities and appearances even talking and playing of each other. This does means they also dont suffer from permanent death. Of course it isnt all that easy you can still have them be wounded and suffer negative effects if they arent treated, after all at its core this is still XCOM and very much plays that way. Being more close quarter based though they’ve added some fun new mechanics like breaching but also is somewhat more story focused it more XCOM but with enough difference to keep it fresh.

I also recently managed to somehow pick up an Animal Crossing Nintedo Switch, and while something I have been dabbling in as well. Nostalgia has found me diving into Pokèmon a series I havent played since Diamond on the DS. More specifically Pokemon Sword as my friend picked up Shield allowing us to trade the exclusive pokemon for each game and while I haven’t had much time to play it, its quickly took up much of my spare time bringing an old 7 year olds itch to catch them all!

I also picked up Hyperlight Drifter a top down RPG reminiscent of something like the original Zelda games trawling dungeons while you perform quests and collect better equipment, it is entirely its own beast taking place after some sort of Apocalypse or Catastrophe you play as the Drifter, trying to piece together or avert vesions or perhaps prophecy. It doesn’t have anything in the way of dialogue alot of the story and tale of the world being told through pictures when you talk to NPCs or by your surroundings and musical score which so far is excellent. All this combined leaves you much in the same spot as our protagonist lost and confused as to the bigger picture trying to piece together what’s going on as events unfold. I’ve currently just beaten the first boss and comparison can be drawn to the Souls series only being able to carry so many healing items at a time and needing a second to use and restore to full health, along with varied enemies with specific attack patterns this transfers over to bosses too having their own phases. Making sure you make full use of the sword, gun and dash you’re equipped with. I’m definitely enjoying what I’ve delved into so far and am looking forward to getting to the bottom of the mystery I’m unravelling as I play!

Hyperlight Drifter has a bold colourful pixel art style.that only adds to it’s hopeless and somber tone of its world and its mysteries more stark in contrast.

Joanna Hughes (@x_jamjar_x)

What I’m playing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was dubious, it didn’t seem like my thing, and I hate jumping on the bandwagon – but Animal Crossing stopped being a game I resented and very quickly became my evening routine. Considering that I continue to work as usual and I refrained from buying it for at least a week after release, I was shocked to find that I have spent well over 75 hours perfecting my little island. Never have I become so engrossed in a game in all my life. There is never a good place to stop and you promise yourself you’ll just plant a few more flowers and catch one more fish and then you’ll go to bed, it is only as the sun rises in game that you realise that you never made it. I think it is fair to say that Animal Crossing becomes a part of life you couldn’t possibly have anticipated. Not only is this true sandbox of a game fairly addictive just because it is peaceful and pretty, it has a fair amount of challenges that you really want to complete. Whether you want a 5 star island or a thriving turnip business, or even to complete your collections for the museum, Animal Crossing: New Horizons never ends with it’s flurry of tasks. Combine this with the fact that there is a huge online community, it is constantly changing and evolving, I don’t think I will ever get bored of going from island to island exploring.

That just about covers our list for what we’ve been developing Cabin Fever to. Been playing something that was on our list? Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!