So, Decembers Games with Gold have been announced. First up is Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide, which is free right now, up until 31/12 and what’s more it’s Xbox One X Enhanced. More of Vermintide later.

Child of Eden is available for free, as part of the ever-expanding Backwards Compatibility program, from now up until the 15th of December. Replacing Child of Eden on the 16/12, will be the tremendous Tales From The Borderlands brought to us by the talent at Tell Tale games, easily my favourite TT game thus far.

What are you in for?

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide: A first-person hack and blast-fest set in Games Workshop’s Old World, you and up to 3 friends can journey into the Old World as it’s beset by hordes of verminous rat-kin. It plays a lot like Valve’s Left 4 Dead, but it surpasses what was clearly its inspiration in almost every aspect. This multi-player focused game has an impressive amount of content which is bolstered by a surprisingly deep progression and upgrade system. Don’t expect to clear the harder difficulty levels without putting in some leveling time.

Child of Eden: Rhythmic action shooter from the creator of Rez, originally released back in 2011 for the Xbox One as a Kinect title. Now a part of the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program, Child of Eden’s story could be a great Sci-Fi epic but is only really told through the opening cinematic with the games 5 levels adding little to it. Not something I’d normally pick up but as it’s free it’s worth a blast.

Tales from the Borderlands: If you’ve played a TellTale game before you know exactly what to expect as far as the gameplay goes. If not, TftB is an episodic game of choice and consequence game

play packed with hilarious moments and exceptionally entertaining characters. In what you could describe as a 5 episode long ‘Quick Time Event’ with Point and Click elements, you’ll be thrown into the world of Vault Hunters on the death-world of Pandora. This game will charm you from the offset with its killer musical openings and hilarious script. If you’ve not played this, you’ve no reason not to now that it’s free, if you have…play it again.

Pick of the Month:

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide is the standout title this month. I’ve been playing this game since its day of release. It’s simply amazing. Anyone who knows me is all too aware of my love for Warhammer in all forms. FatShark have managed to distill the skittering menace of my beloved Skaven perfectly, and display a keen fondness for the Old World themselves with the banter player characters will spout out during battle. Not forgetting the perfect adaptation of ‘special infected’ (to yet again borrow from L4D) using perfect choices from the Skaven bestiary to provide players with a challenge…trust me, you’ll soon learn to dread the roar of a rat-ogre. I can advise jumping into this game as soon as possible. Vermintide has already proven so popular, that the rush of new players has caused server issues, FatShark are skittering away to fix these issues as soon as they can. Man-thing play rat game, yes yes!