A collaboration between the two parties has resulted in a co-branded chair inspired by World Of Warcrafts King Of The Ice Realm.

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The description is as follows:

The Lich King co-branded gaming chair is inspired by the Lich King, with a total of two styles and four colors. The chair as a whole is built in the shape of a “throne”, with the embroidered patterns of the Lich King’s iconic Helm of Domination and Frostmourne on the front, and the classic shape of the Lich King on the back. which will bring players into the burning scenes of “World of Warcraft” in seconds and instantly ignites the atmosphere. With smooth lines and a cool five-claw grip, the chair is easy to sit and lie down, chic and dynamic. Exclusive NFC anti-counterfeiting certification chip, enlarged adjustable 4D armrests, Bluetooth audio, and other enthusiast-level configurations are enough to bring players a strong sense of competition.
This gaming chair co-branded by GTPLAYER and Blizzard Entertainment will be pre-sold on October 24. In addition to the chair, GTPLAYER revealed that a joint gaming table would be launched later, which will continue to spur enthusiasm and expectations.

Furthermore, the founder of GTPLAYER Aaron Wu remarked “The gaming chair is closely related to the player’s gaming experience and is the core development project of GTPLAYER. We are pleased to provide players with a unique gaming experience through our partnership with Blizzard.

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