Long Tale Games (LTG) is thrilled to announce the Steam relaunch of “Life is Feudal: MMO” on April 18, 2024. To show appreciation to the game’s community, the publisher is launching a special event aimed at the game’s original players, the Balance Restoration Campaign. Players who have made any purchases during the previous “Life is Feudal: MMO” round will receive special LiF Coins that can be exchanged for a subscription to the game.

Since the relaunch in June 2023, “Life is Feudal: MMO” has transitioned to a subscription-based model, removing all pay-to-win features. This shift ensures a level playing field for all players, fostering fairness as success in the game now fully depends on the player’s skill and effort, creating a more engaging environment. Until now, the game has only been distributed through the publisher’s (LTG.com) own personal gaming platform. However, with this launch, it is now expanding its presence to other stores, starting with Steam.

Evgenii Romin, Publishing Director of Long Tale Games, shared his excitement about the upcoming relaunch and the campaign, stating:

“We are incredibly excited to bring ‘Life is Feudal: MMO’ to a wider audience through Steam and to give back to our community with the balance restoration campaign. This initiative shows our appreciation for our players’ support and aligns with our commitment to provide a fair and rewarding gaming experience for everyone.”

Since its relaunch, “Life is Feudal: MMO” has undergone extensive development, rebalancing, and bug fixes while fostering a close relationship with the community, paying special attention to the modders. Extensive changes to the game’s balance include over 150 updates to game items, new buildings, professions, and mechanics and the introduction of highly requested features such as an in-game voice chat, anti-cheat, and additional content.

These improvements and popular events like the King of the Hill competition enhanced the gaming experience. Looking ahead, the roadmap for “Life is Feudal: MMO” includes major updates directly inspired by the community’s feedback, such as a new map and many game improvements scheduled for mid-2024 This strategy underscores LTG’s commitment to developing “Life is Feudal: MMO” in close cooperation with the community.

What is Life is Feudal: MMO?

Life is Feudal: MMO is a sandbox MMORPG set in a gritty medieval world called Abella. Players find themselves in this strange new world with no memory of their past and must quickly learn the basics of survival, from hunting and gathering to finding allies who will support them in their time of need. As their journey progresses, players will be able to learn new skills that allow them to craft intricate weapons, construct buildings, and even establish towns, castles, and mighty fortresses.

Whether players choose to band together in guilds and march out on epic wars of conquest or master the art of solo survival, the game offers endless opportunities for explorations and conquest, no matter what path they set out on.