Meet The New Vanguard: six elite soldier classes of the United Citizen Federation, each with their own unique skills, weaponry and tools to help beat back the Bugs’ offensive.
• The Sniper
• The Ranger
• The Guardian
• The Demolisher
• The Medic
• The Engineer

Each class specializes in a specific role, and will have a curated progression track that includes new weapons, utilities and perks.

As each weapon ascends in rank, it will unlock a variety of attachments that can alter its performance on the battlefield, as well as unique skins that add a personal touch to your arsenal.  Attaining Rank 10 with a weapon will see Troopers achieve Weapon Mastery, granting the ability to use that weapon across all classes as long as you’re at the right level—so you won’t need to repeat the progression track to unlock modifications when switching between classes.

In addition to the new classes and their array of new equipment and skills, Update 0.7.0 introduces Side Missions to ARC Slam mode, deepening the strategy and incentive behind the UCF’s engagements with the enemy:

Reinforce Overwhelmed Troopers

  • Locate your fellow soldiers before they’re subsumed by the Bugs! Assisting your imperiled peers will bring them under your command for the remainder of the mission.

Escort Specialist

  • These recon experts can help lead Troopers to caches of vital equipment and weapons—but watch out for the Arachnids! 

Tear Down Structures
Command has granted us permission to destroy old field structures and defenses to repurpose raw materials for the fight. But the Bugs are wise to our strategy—exterminate all enemies before they destroy the structure and render it useless!

And keep your eyes peeled for a new Bug variant: the Bombardier, capable of launching itself through the air to attack its targets. Don’t judge these pesky pests by their diminutive size—they come in packs, and are sensitive to premature detonation. Be careful when using E-pulse, shock and explosive weaponry to exterminate these foes!

The complete patch notes for Update 0.7.0 can be found here, should you need them. And best of luck out there, Troopers—you’re gonna need it!