Square Enix have today released a new video which gives viewers some insight behind the team that have created The Quiet Man.

The video provides insights into the game’s core concepts and development process with interviews from various members of the international development team. The in-depth look behind the making of the game explores the game’s initial conception, the various themes that players will uncover within the title, the unique sound direction process in a ‘soundless’ game experience, the production of the game’s full-motion video scenes that bring the world of the game to life plus more. Some of the team that have created the game include:

  • Kensei Fujnaga, THE QUIET MAN Producer
  • Tatsuro Koike, Action Director (Yakuza Series)
  • Joe Kelly, Scenario Writer (Man of Action Entertainment – BEN 10, MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED, GENERATOR REX, and the team and characters of BIG HERO 6)
  • Shaun Nivens, Lead Programmer (Human Head Studios)
  • Ashley Welch, Art Director (Human Head Studios)
  • Shu Hamada, Live Action Director
  • Randy Redetzke, Lead Environment Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Karen Ruiz, Senior Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Chris Miscik, Senior Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Nick Taylor, Animation Director (Human Head Studios)
  • Kenichi Mikoshiba, Sound Director

Danny Gong, Sign Language Consultant

Take a look at the video and be sure to let us know if you’re looking forward to The Quiet Man next week via the comment section below.