DOOM On Acid

Post Void is an incredibly intense and fast first-person shooter which makes for a very enjoyable yet stress inducing video game. In Post Void you take control of a man who carries a health idol in his left hand and a pistol in his right and your main and only goal is to get to the end of the level. In order to do so, the player must traverse a plethora of different rooms and fight a wide variety of enemies until eventually reaching the end of the level. After each level is completed, the player is given the choice to choose between one out of three different powerups that help the player get stronger through the levels as they progress to harder levels of the game. This may sound relatively simple, but you are mistaken… In order to keep yourself alive, you must keep liquid inside the idol that is being carried around: that liquid representing the players health. Liquid runs out of the idol if you get hurt by an enemy or if you do not kill an enemy in a certain amount of time. Having this time limit makes the game incredibly stressful as you must be constantly moving and shooting in order to keep yourself alive.  

Intense is my favourite word to describe this game as everything about it is intense. For example, the gameplay is extremely intense as having your health decrease extremely quickly means the player must be constantly on the move to keep them from being sent back to the very begin upon death, leading to very angry yet amusing moments when killed very late into the game. Secondly, the graphics and visuals used for Post Void help display the intensity as the map is constantly moving alongside the player. I really enjoyed the look of Post Void as the surroundings were very retro as if I was playing an arcade game mixed with the simplistic nature of a game like Superhot or Clustertruck. The overall intensity and stressfulness of the game is incredible, there is so much going on in this game even the game over screen is intense.  

The enemies in Post Void have very interesting and unique designs which also reflect the retro feeling I got when playing the game. Whenever you enter a room there will always be plenty of enemies waiting for you waiting to kill you and ruin your day, especially as you progress through the game as the enemies get tougher. For example, in the first level the only enemy you will encounter is an alien dressed in a suit and a pistol which he uses he try and kill you but when you get further into the game, enemies start to get quicker, become smaller targets or requiring more shots to defeat.

However, in order to deal with these harder enemies, the game allows you to choose new weapons and powerups when you progress to a new level. These powerups include additional ammo in your weapon, enemies exploding upon death or increasing the amount of liquid (health) in your idol. Other weapons include an Uzi, a knife and my favourite of them all, the shotgun. Whenever I was given the chance to change my weapon to the shotgun, I took it straight away as I found the game to be a lot less challenging when I could instantly kill enemies with my shotgun.

A Review Code was provided by Super Rare Games.