Guide your light..

Embark on an adventure with little to no narrative as developer Embers bring Strayed Lights to the PlayStation 5. Right from the off you can see why people make much comparison to to that of Journey, which is a classic in the PlayStation catalogue. This had a lot to live up to and does it match up to the legend of Journey? Not so much..

So Strayed Lights is a weird one from the start. The narrative as I’ve already stated is little to none. You basically start off a new born who all of sudden is put in to this mysteruous alien land. As you go through the game this ‘man creature’ grows and starts to begin their journey, The game does a good job of ‘leading’ you into it, making sure that you get to grips with the simple yet fun combat system that this small game has to offer. Basically, the combat system is all about parrying, whilst shining the same colour as your enemy. Parrying will let you hit more easier and also fills up a bar which lets you unleash a super move, which is ideal for the bosses at the end of each section. It’s pretty easy to get round, and it was really fun learning each enemies’ battle style so you know when the exact point is to parry.

Strayed Lights looks absolutely fantastic on the PlayStation 5, I must say. I went for a more graphical mode before starting the game and it showed. Each section is as colourful and alive as the last and it really is a game that visually, you just sit back and think, yeah, this is proper next-gen. Audio wise, this again is very much Journey-esq where the backdrop soundtrack kind of tells the story. It has a good soundtrack, but it’s not the most memorable I’ve heard in a game.

This is a very short game that will take you roughly 5 hours to complete. From collecting gems to unlock new areas, Strayed Lights is a decent little game where It’s not one I would purchase; rather wait and see until it was on the PlayStation Plus offerings.