Super Meat Boy Meets Cyberpunk

Velocity Noodle is an fast-paced, futuristic 2D platformer in which your main goal is to deliver noodles as fast as you can. In order to complete each level you must first master the art of teleportation which, in this game, is accessed by throwing a sword into access points which allows for the player to access areas which are blocked off or in hard to access places with your original abilities. These abilities include the average platformer abilities like running, jumping, wall riding and sliding. In this challenging platformer, the creative levels include numerous traps and spikes for the player to avoid and alternate routes which make the levels feel larger and more expansive. The game starts as most games do with a tutorial which I thought was unique in which the characters were making fun of the fact you were in a tutorial. However, once out of the tutorial stages, the game gets very difficult very quickly. If you have a bad temper then this game is probably not for you.

I found myself getting extremely angry and frustrated while playing Velocity Noodle as I found myself struggling to get past some of the earliest levels in the game but the more I think about it maybe I am just not very skilled in fast-paced platformers. Lots of precision and skill is required to land most jumps or to scale most obstacles and the further I got into the game, the longer the levels went on for and with longer levels means more anger and frustration I felt when losing all my progress and having to go back to the very beginning of that level. Sometimes while playing I even found myself fading through platforms that I had landed on and ending up dying which didn’t help me enjoy playing this game. Maybe platforming games aren’t for me however I do believe that this game is perfect for speed runners that thrive on beating fast-paced games like this.

One thing I did enjoy about Velocity Noodle is the unique style presented throughout the entire game. Whether it’s the level layout, the backgrounds to the levels and even the music, every aspect of this game embraced the futuristic style which I did appreciate. However, as I displayed previously, my anger throughout my playthrough was not helped by the fact that the synthwave music that plays constantly throughout every level as the repetitiveness of the music began to drive me crazy. The controls are rather simple to get used which is surprising considering the difficulty I faced while playing. The only issues I had with the controls was sometimes i would mistake the teleportation button for the sprint button but that is defiantly the players fault not the games… Well it may be the games fault because it was the amount of stress and pressure I was under to complete the levels that led me to make these mistakes in the first place. Overall, Velocity Noodle is worth playing if your either an avid platformer gamer, a speed runner or if you hate yourself and you want to feel anger and stress like you never have before.