Ultimate chicken horse is a party platformer all about getting to the finish line and having your opponents not, along with everyone editing the level after each round.

As you expect this is harder than it sounds and is made harder by you and the people your playing with as after each round everyone has to decide if to make the level harder or easier and I’m sure you have already answered that. And if you like me, my brother and my father all make the level more difficult every single round the game goes from party platformer to “Why have we done this to ourselves” and when someone Actually makes it to the flag the room explodes with “HOW!?”  and its a lot of fun.

Automated crossbows, Black holes, conveyor belts, glue and many more “Things” Can be placed into the level to help hinder everyone’s progression, but make the level too easy  hard and no one gets any points. But deciding to place dastardly traps is not a simple as it seems as you will also have to avoid your own trickery. Speaking of black holes with them distorting the gravity around them projectile based traps can cause all sorts of problems with arrows flying all what ways.

But fear not as these ultimate animals have some serious parkour skills think Mario’s two button platforming, Wall jumping/sliding and your impressive jump make trivial levels….trivial and that’s extra motivation to lay your traps in evil places to make everyone work to reach that flag, By default the game works on a five point system getting to the flag is a point with extras points for collecting coins, getting to the flag first or been the only one to reach the flag so with so much to play for each round its all to play for.

With a level editor and level browser you can test yourself against the levels other have created along with uploading you own if you fancy yourself as a level designer. Think super meat boy meets Littlebigplanet, Endless creative possibly to enrage your friends. Your levels can be a complete level “Challenge” or a free play level that involves the normal gameplay of players editing the level each round so the locations of your platforming death-traps are plentiful. On top of all that you can enjoy dressing up your ultimate animal with a host of unlockable cosmetics hoodies, sunglasses, hats and more.

While I had the most fun when playing with friends and family online play still is tones of fun and with PC cross play their is always a great amount of lobby’s to pick from and levels upload so you can see what evil contraptions the community have came up with. For any platforming fans out there I believe this to be a no brainer, Enjoy.