Headset creators Plantronics have brought out a new line of gaming headsets, focused on delivering crisp sounds, clear comms & a superior experience that enhances communication for gamers.


Whether you enjoy the sound of rounds of AK47’s firing off, or a grenades epic boom as explosions cause chaos amongst battlefields, to the roar of the fans in FIFA 19 or PES. There’s no denying that a good sound system/headphone can greatly enhance the audio experience which has a critical role in the enjoyment of every game.

In a market where audio headphones are so competitive, that tomorrow’s stars of the eSportes scene and gamers around the world want headphones that offer the total package. The RIG 500 Pro tries to cater to that audience at an affordable price point from £59.99 to £69.99.

Compatible for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The headphone offers 50mm low distortion drivers on the speakers, a flip to mute setting on the audio remote, noise canceling and self-adjusting capabilities for comfort with the comfy leather headband under its more flamboyant stainless steel frame.

RIG 500 Pro

With its snazzy gold plated metallic headband that provides solidity and securely connects the two high resolution (and very comfy) speakers. Plantronics has released a piece of tech that looks very impressive and gives off a bold, serious, look at me statement that demands respect.

To help gamers take it to the next level, the headphone comes with plenty of neat features. Such as Noise-canceling for uninterrupted sessions and audio controls to adjust sound levels.

Whilst I felt a little disappointed with the levels of midbass this headphone had to offer when listening to a few uplifting trance tunes, (Yes I’m a bass lover aha) the sound clarity was more than decent. The microphone is where these headphones truly shine. Audio communication is much clearer than using the bog standard headset’s provided with Xbox for instance. The near-perfect receptiveness and response times reminded me just how vital a good headset for party chat’s/team games can be the difference in game-changing moments of strategy. The microphone can be detached from the headset jack at any time for those perhaps wanting to use it for music purposes as well as gaming.

The cable that attaches the headphone to your device, in my opinion, does feel pretty flimsy and I’d fear that after numerous months of excessive use it could have issues. In terms of comfort I could of quite happily kept these on throughout the day and not even realized I had them on. The black leatherette pads are soft and feel supremely made, giving maximum levels of comfort. (Besides for elite gaming purposes, I could probably use these as earmuffs when going to bed).

The RIG 500 Pro delivers a sublime comms audio experience and is a stellar looking headset. The 2 in 1 headset presents good value for money as it also provides a satisfying experience for music lovers. Thanks to wildfire PR for the kit.