You know what times it is guys!! The yearly tradition of Los Angeles being taken over by gaming fever is upon us again because in just a few days its E3 time! and each and every year we see developers from every corner of the earth and the big three to outdo each other and show every gamer who has the shiniest new toys. Through the years Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have all stood tall and much to their credit they all have deservedly so, but in this writer’s opinion in more recent years, Sony has had a tendency to dominate! Granted I have been mostly a PlayStation guy since I was 5 but I truly feel the positive receptions are down to the strength behind their exclusives, causing astronomical hype be it a sequel or something brand new and with PlayStation being set to start releasing info of their E3 content before the big event now seems like a great time to pour my heart out and present my E3 Wishlist for Sony.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding was seldom seen at last years event……in fact, it wasn’t there at all. But hopefully this year will be the year where more light is shed on Hideo Kojima’s first post Konami project with him working alongside the legendary Guillermo Del Toro, we know for that Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen are huge parts and both look fantastic transitioning into the gaming medium, we also have some info on the gameplay though that is very minimal so could this be the year we seen a full-blown demo? And a further insight to the narrative? Are we going to find out that its Metal Gear Solid 6 in disguise? Only time will tell!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Rumour has it that we won’t see the remake of the at this point, God-like Final Fantasy 7 until 2023, some are saying much sooner, either way, it is highly speculated that the long-awaited re-creation is going to have some screen time at E3. The gameplay we have seen so far has looked fantastically dynamic and somewhat reminiscent of where the franchise has been going as of late and the revamped Midgar looks fantastically dystopian and picturesque, but I truly hope we will see some clips of what lies beyond the rotting pizza and into the gigantic world we all know and love. Perhaps we will even find out if the rumors of episodic releases which though may have some advantages in development, may anger some fans.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy
Onto more childhood memories with the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. With the success of the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy last year, speculation was at an all-time high that our favorite purple dragon will get the same treatment, which thankfully came to fruition when it was announced that the first three games will be recreated in glorious detail! Though a brief teaser was revealed at the time, maybe the big event in California will be the place where we will see the same beautiful worlds and the same slick moves in action and see how Spyro looks on the Ps4.

Ghost of Tsushima
I instantly fell in love with Ghost of Tsushima after setting eyes on the reveal trailer. Very reminiscent of the glory days of Onimusha, Sucker Punch productions have kept us in the dark for the most part but from what we can see from the trailer is an awe-inspiring representation of the Mongols invasion of Japan in the 13th century with some stunning visuals and a harrowing looking narrative. With expectations extremely high of an appearance at E3, maybe we can see the capabilities of being a samurai in an expansive open world.

The Last of Us Part II
WE NEED MORE INFORMATION, I NEED TO BE SATIATED DAMMIT! Naughty Dog has so far released two full trailers for the highly anticipated sequel of The Last of Us since its reveal two years ago and has somehow only left us with more questions. From the situation between Joel and Ellie and the people, she plans on slaughtering to the identity of the woman in the 2nd trailer. I feel due to the sheer eagerness of this its high time that we saw an official release date and maybe even some more perception to the narrative, when it takes place, and will the timeline of this game be in a straight line or will it go back and forth between past and present due to the theory that the mystery woman may, in fact, be Ellie’s mother. Again, only time will tell but perhaps this presentation will surprise some people and we will find more out than we think.

PlayStation 5
Now, this may be a long shot but with Sony confirming that we are now in the final phase of the PS4, perhaps the surprise of the weekend could be our first look into the 9th generation. Now at this point I wouldn’t expect a demo or even a heap of information on its capabilities and pricing, but the likelihood of Sony closing out the weekend with the announcement that the 5th iteration of the PlayStation may be higher than we think, even if its just a reveal of how it looks or even just an announcement and an idea of when it will be on shelves, this would help Sony finish strong.

According to a leak that’s making the rounds, we could also be getting a look-see in Bloodborne 2, Shenmue 3, Devil May Cry 5, Spiderman, a new Bioshock, the Medieval remake among so many other things! 2018 looks like a year where PlayStation can do no wrong, thanks to Sony upcoming early reveals we will get an idea sooner than expected but the upcoming press conference at E3 looks strong.

So what do you guys think? What do you want to see from Sony and PlayStation at this years E3? Be sure to sound off in the comments section below and check back on for more E3 coverage!