Project Scorpio – Will Power Bring Domination?

A new year, a new year resolution..perhaps? Mines to conquer the kingdom of of EOS, a galaxy of Mass Effect, and to finally Scorpio that Microsoft project ;).

So as we enter a new year, gamers are sure to be in for a treat, as a new generation of console wars will begin.

2017 marks the release of the eagerly anticipated Xbox Scorpio, and boy, Microsoft aren’t holding back. With 8 CPU Cores, 6 teraflops of power, 320GB memory bandwidth, and a true 4K experience this system sure does pack a punch.

Coming off the back of the Xbox one which failed to shift half as much as Sony’s PS4 in raw sales numbers. (Around 26 million to Sony’s 51 million units sold).  It’s clear to see why Microsoft are indeed going all out warfare!! Though it could be much worse…Wii U anybody??

Project Scorpio will have backwards compatibility for Xbox one games and accessories. Executives are not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the Xbox one launch. The backwards compatibility howler, really did piss people off, and it seems Phil Spencer and co have learnt a lesson.

Microsoft are keeping their cards close to their chest as far as console visuals are concerned, and they aren’t giving much away regarding launch titles. (Pssst, Halo 6 announcement, E3 2017)

Rumors doing the rounds are that the price point will be around the £350-£400 range. Do any of you feel that’s a bit too steep for launch? Or for a console the company are claiming has no limitations, it could well  prove to be money well spent??

It seems Microsoft are desperate to get ahead of Sony in the next generation of the console wars, which could well be why the Scorpio is being released a good 12-18 months before the rumored PS5 (2018 release if rumors are to be believed).

Critics will argue it’s a little early into the current generation of consoles to be bringing a new one out (less than 5 years). What with many big games to still release on the current wave of consoles (Red Dead 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, amongst many others), and with 2017 looking bleak in the Microsoft exclusive department (Scalebound…WTF) perhaps this could go against the Scorpio at launch.

Microsoft won’t care what the critics say, like a sharp right hook from Mr Floyd Mayweather, they are going all out for power and domination, but will that desire for putting the wrongs of the Xbox one right, give them that control in the console market they crave? Only time will tell.

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