More racing goodness will arrive on the Xbox One next month thanks to Playrise Digital and Table Top Racing World Tour. Let’s race on to the details shall we?…..

That’s correct, Table Top Racing World Tour will be available on March 10th for the Xbox One. The best thing is that it will cost a mere £11.99. If you have played previous iterations, you’ll notice that the new game will come including two major differences:

Playrise have rolled all the content released to date into one great value bundle. On previous platforms, players could only host and play multi-player games with other users that had the same DLC packs. Multiplayer ‘fragmentation’ will not be an issue for Xbox One gamers. 

Playrise have added voice-com support in multiplayer races and lobbies – how better to celebrate a crushing victory than to taunt a rival with a good bit of banter?!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Table Top Racing games, here is an overview of the main features which will be included in the Xbox One version:

  • 8 PvP online multiplayer combat racing
  • 9 Unique gameplay modes spread throughout the Championships
  • 120+ Varied and challenging events
  • 32 Dynamic circuits based around 8 themed locations
  • 16 Ultra-cool micro racers inspired by some of the world’s most iconic cult cars
  • 8 Cunning Power-Up weapons many with attack and defence capabilities to explore
  • 6 Super-powerful “Wheel Weapons” to give you the upper hand
  • Official “YO! Sushi” race track (it’s a UK sushi restaurant chain we like eating at)
  • 25+ Track exclusive Breakbeat soundtrack by @ItsWesSmithYo (Juice Recordings, San Diego)

Why not take a look at the trailer and let us know if you will be picking this up next month in the comment section below.