We’re all excited about NieR Automata here at Game Hype, which is released in just a couple of weeks time! In the meanwhile, Square Enix continue to excite with a brand new trailer.

This action-packed trailer introduces the unique array of weapon types, fluid combo system and fast-paced battle mechanics.  It will feature 4 main weapon types which will be available to 2B, the main protagonist in the game.

These weapon types will include small swords, large swords, spears and combat bracers which can all be switched to take advantage of 2B’s skills in the battlefield. You’ll also be able to unlock a diverse arsenal of weapons and upgrades to the“Pod” support system to enhance the gameplay.

Let’s take a look at the trailer, titled Elegant Destruction (Quite the apt name for it!) and we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.