Remember Theme Hospital? That was awesome right? Well, Two Point Hospital has just been announced by SEGA and the original creators Two Point Studios and we couldn’t be more excited!

It will be released for PC via Steam later this year and you follow the story of Trevor as you follow the illuminating story of Trevor’s and his battle with this rare disease, where he is also known as patient-zero and suffered Light Headedness. It also marks the return to one of the favourite genres of all time.

The developers have worked on classics such as Theme Hospital, and others like like Black and White, Theme Park and Fable at studios including Bullfrog, Lionhead and Mucky Foot. John Clark, Executive Vice President of Publishing for SEGA Europe stated:

We’re delighted to finally announce the fruits of our partnership with Two Point Studios and reveal Two Point Hospital to the world. We’re committed to finding and working with the best new studios, ones that fit with SEGA’s ethos to deliver new IP with strong franchise potential. Two Point Studios’ vision for Two Point Hospital and their ambitions for it fit perfectly with that notion and we look forward to releasing their game later this year.

You can sign to the the ‘Hospital Pass’ here, which will give fans a chance to access exciting news concerning Two Point Hospital before anyone else as well as the gift of an exclusive in game item once the game launches. Take a look at the trailer and some screenshots and be sure to let us know if you’re as excited as us for Two Point Hospital in the comment section below.