Dovetail Games and Simul have today announced a new partnership which will see Simul’s Advanced Weather System trueSKY launch on Flight Sim World today.

This advanced weather system will give the game a staggering visual overhaul to the in-game weather experience. Volumetric clouds, fog and localized precipitation bring about the need to fly in, around, and over developing weather, while stunning lighting and sunsets will reward those navigating the skies.  Dovetail Games Executive Producer Stephen Hood stated:

Our ongoing goal for Flight Sim World is to look for ways in which we can advance flight simulation beyond the types of experience available today. Simul’s trueSKY offered the kind of leap in weather and sky technology we needed in order to make that happen

Simul Founder & CEO Roderick Kennedy also added:

The implementation of trueSKY into Flight Sim World is very exciting for all of us. trueSKY offers such a vast array of experiences, which are perfectly showcased in a whole world simulation such as FSW. From sunny days to howling tempests, trueSKY’s weather themes are all present in Flight Sim World, and they all look stunning

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new Advanced Weather System in Flight Sim World via the comment section below.