Warner Bros have unveiled a new video for their upcoming free-to-play fighting title, MultiVersus

The video sees ApologyMan and Spooky – each paired with a top performing player from the recent MultiVersus Closed Alpha – Brokkr and Leviathan. ApologyMan (playing as Tom & Jerry) and Brokkr (playing as Superman) represented the Blue Team and faced off against the Red Team of Spooky (playing as Shaggy) and Leviathan (playing as Velma) in an intense 2 vs. 2 competition.

Hosted by FGC commentators Sharpie, AJAX, and IFC YipeS, the best-of-five series provides insight on a variety of gameplay elements, characters choices, and cooperative strategies utilized by each team, along with post-match interviews with all four players discussing the outcome of the contest.

Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.