Let’s Wrap things up.

Whelp! I can hardly believe we are already here, at the end of Stormblood. Square Enix have finally wrapped things up in the latest patch of one of the biggest MMO’s currently on the market. I say wrapped up lightly as there are questions unanswered, who is the stranger calling out to me in my dreams in all too familiar looking room and what of the other Scions? All will be revealed in the upcoming expansion Shadowbringers where the Warrior of Light must become the Warrior of Darkness.

So I have done most things that I wanted to in Stormblood even though I am still working on my Relic weapon in Eureka but for anyone wanting some tips on what to do here are some ideas.

Leveling Retainers

With a new level cap coming then your retainers may be lacking on the levels needed to carry on into Shadowbringers and it would be a shame to miss out on new ventures which includes all new items and finds in the new world, get to the max level and get some new gear to keep your retainers at the top of their game.

Leveling other Jobs

It’s easier than ever to level your other Jobs including professions, if you Pre-order Shadowbringers you will get a set of earrings granting a 30% increase to experience, even better is that these will level with you meaning you won’t have to replace them for the Job it is that you are playing on, if you have remaining Leve allowances use them for your Crafting and Gathering professions and give them a boost.

Beast Tribe Reputation

Beast Tribes aren’t just daily quests which will reward you with some nice cosmetics which aren’t just limited to furnishings, mounts and minions they also have a meaningful story locked behind them, if you do get all the Stormblood reputations to maximum you will be rewarded with a short story quest line bringing the three factions together. Not only will you feel satisfaction for helping out you will also increase the reputation to Allied which unlocks a few new goodies, one of which is a cushion so even if you don’t do much else at least you can sit in Limsa Lominsa while waiting for Shadowbringers.


This is something I am still working on, granted it isn’t something which I am not even half-way through it is something you can finish depending on what stage you are at. If you don’t feel like starting Eureka then fear not, there are plenty of alternative Relics that can be started and finished from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. These have been nerfed quite hard and even though they are still a grind, chances are you will have the Gil and other currencies to give you a boost to the finish.

Other Quest Lines

The Main Scenario Quest is the most vital to finish should you wish to be absolutely ready for Shadowbringers when it arrives. There are however many other Quest Lines to get stuck into. These range from Raids, Trials and some that offer cosmetic rewards at the end. They all have an involving story and are most definitely worth doing. Some are necessary to unlock other Quest Lines so it is always good to check.

Earn some Gil

Earning money is never a bad idea. Like in the real world you can never go far without it. Gil is used all the time and is used to pay teleportation fees and to fix your broken gear. If you are the type to spend all your Gil at once then you should make sure you have some savings in place come the new expansion as you will want to make sure you have enough so you don’t end up backtracking should you want something new, it’s never fun falling behind when you want to do all the new things.


This is another area most people miss. Squadrons exist in the back room of your Grand Company and are there to assist you. Not only will they go out on missions and become stronger while obtaining some unique rewards they are an alternative to having real party members in your party. Squadrons can alleviate long dungeon ques especially as a DPS where you usually have to wait for ages. You can even glamour your team so you can do dungeons looking as good as you like.

Make new Allies

This is one of the most important as any MMO veteran knows that people come and go and it isn’t a bad thing. Real life can get in the way and people take breaks for whatever reason. Having a good bond with someone can significantly make the game a lot more fun and engaging and if you are having fun then that effect will rub off onto other players.

There are many other things you can do in the world of Final Fantasy XIV online, what I have listed is but a few, if you have just started out your journey in Eorzea then don’t be tempted to rush to the end, the journey is amazing and one that should not be rushed but if of course you would rather attempt the story at the start of Shadowbringers with New Game plus then that is also an option. Most importantly have fun whatever it is that you will do.

I will see you on the other side, wherever that may be.