We will have our review coming this weekend but Tiny Trax has a new patch available to download today from the folks at FuturLab.

This new patch makes it more accessible for new players to the VR racing game to enjoy. They have responded to early feedback about the AI being to strong in early levels of the PSVR racer, and is rolling out the patch today. The difficulty level on the first cup has been lowered to ensure that new players can achieve a medal more fairly.

Tiny Trax puts players into the VR world and immerses players in stunning virtual worlds surrounded by a variety of epic toy racing tracks, allowing them to control tiny cars from a child’s perspective, and watch them boost around their body, jump overhead and drift around bends. It’s easy to pick up but very, very difficult to master as we’ll explain more in our review.

Are you finding the game easier after this new update? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.