UnDungeon smashes their Kickstarter campaign with two weeks to spare! 


The development team behind the classically inspired action role-playing game UnDungeon (Laughing Machines) has smashed its Kickstarter target with two weeks of the campaign still remaining.

The initial €50,000 goal was surpassed last week, and the campaign is now progressing through early stretch goals, with support from the Square Enix Collective. It has been confirmed that among those stretch goals are content upgrades, but also the opportunity for the game to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

UnDungeon combines challenging fast-paced combat with beautiful hand-drawn pixel art, traditional role-playing mechanics, and roguelike elements. UnDungeon takes players on a supernatural journey across a dynamic, procedurally-generated map as one of the seven Heralds, each of whom have come from a world destroyed by The Shift.

The game was well supported by the Square Enix community when it was showcased on the Collective website; while the campaign is owned and being run by Laughing Machines, Square Enix is supporting them by raising awareness of the project to a wider audience.


As mentioned there is still time (until the 13th of Feb) to support the UnDungeon Kickstarter and you can find that here:



Check out the trailer for UnDungeon’s Kickstarter:


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